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Chaitanya Foundation

                The main intention of starting the Chaitanya Foundation is for giving Helping Hands to the economically poor people.        

                Chaitanya is defined as: awareness or 'subjectivity' understood as an absolute and ultimate reality transcending any specific being or subject

             We believe anything can be achieved if we have awareness and our objective is to create awareness among the people.

             So we've come with our tagline as: Enlightening the lives.             

We have different programmes like 

  1. Child Sponsorship Programme
  2. Awareness Programme
  3. Virtual Blood Bank

1. Child Sponsorship Programme:

         Child Sponsorship Programme is the flagship programme of Chaitanya Foundation. A Volunteer of Chaitanya Foundation shall watch for Needy students, if any, satisfying our eligibility criteria through a Coordinator.

 2. Awareness Programme: 

         We go to different schools and enlighten tenth class students about various future plans like higher secondary, polytechnic, other career opportunities etc. It is not started yet. Discussions are going on this concept. Also, we go to different schools on some selected special days like Children’s day, Independence Day etc. to enlighten students about the importance of those days. Also, we conduct some competitions and give them prizes. 

3. Virtual Blood Bank:

         This is nothing but a database of blood groups of all members of Chaitanya foundation. If need arises and if the donor and recipient are in same place, donor may donate blood. Even if they are not in same place, we shall try for any other donor. It is not started yet. Discussions are going on this concept.

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